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Agita Labs

Research funded by DARPA

Company Description 

Agita Labs aims to solve data privacy challenges in the cloud. Our technology is designed to stop all forms of data breaches while providing data owners with strong control over the use of their data. Agita Labs enables information discovery and data analytics for highly sensitive and regulated data, by enabling computation directly on always-encrypted data, without ever exposing it in the clear. Agita has raised a seed round and is looking to expand its team. 

Short Job Description 

Agita Labs is seeking a privacy technology business consultant to advise us as we begin deployment of our technology into privacy-oriented markets. As such, having a large network of contacts in the healthcare, U.S. government, or financial markets is necessary. Due to the highly technical nature of the subject matter, experience transitioning early-stage hardware solutions in the cyber security space is also a requirement. This role will work directly with the Business Development team to ensure direct sales opportunities have been met, provide advice and analysis to help expand the business into additional verticals, and craft vertical-tailored marketing messages. This is a contract consulting position that is remote-friendly with the possibility of on-site work pending the safety of in-person meetings.

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