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Research funded by DARPA

Company Description 

OpenROAD is open-source software that generates an ASIC layout directly from HDL automatically in under 24 hours. Developed by researchers at UC San Diego VLSI CAD Laboratory, OpenROAD provides the layout design for SOCs, packages, and PCBs with no power-performance-area loss and up to 12nm tapeouts, utilizing extreme partitioning, parallel processing, and machine learning.  

Short Job Description 

OpenROAD is looking to spin out into their own company or foundation; as such, they are looking for someone who can evaluate potential legal and organizational structures to commercialize their technology. The scope of the work includes: market identification and prioritization, competitive analysis, developing a pitch deck, discovering the voice of the customer though primary and secondary market analysis, and IP analysis and strategy. The ideal candidate will have extensive knowledge in the EDA industry and a background in product management and product marketing. Experience in the development and sales of semiconductor/EDA technologies especially experience working with technology-focused foundations such as RISC-V or the CHIPS Alliance, is highly desirable. Preference will be for individuals open to joining the team in the future as a co-founder and potentially business lead.  Location can be remote, as long as candidates are open to appropriate regular travel to meet with the founders in San Diego.