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Stealth Software Technologies

Research funded by DARPA

Company Description 

Stealth Software’s vision is to shape the way the U.S. and the world protect their data, and to shape the landscape of security and privacy by enabling organizations to perform computations on encrypted data without ever having to reveal or entrust any portion of that computation to any other entity. Many of our technologies have reached a level of maturity where they can have significant commercial viability and impact. Our solutions have been tested and piloted by numerous national labs and DoD partners. 

Short Job Description 

Your goal is to build strategy and roadmaps to grow the company into the leading force in how people handle data and privacy. We first expect you to work with us to understand the technologies we have in-house, as well as to understand the alternatives to our solutions. This will be the context for uncovering the best-suited target markets for our technologies, and for building out the vision for the technology. Following that, you should segment and analyze the market and develop a strong understanding of requirements, drivers, and barriers for each set of candidate applications. This will enable a prioritization of market applications and overall strategy, as well as a targeted strategy for meeting requirements to address those markets.