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IQT Fall 2022 Recap

Nov. 01, 2022

In-Q-Tel’s Marketing & Communications team here. We get questions about what we’ve been doing, where we invest, and more. We don’t use too many social platforms (but you can find us on LinkedIn here!) and we’re going to try something new where we’ll post regular updates about our investments, perspectives, publications, and more. Check back here or subscribe to get our news pushed to you with ease.

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  • The Intersection: Over the Horizon Technologies to Help Shape a Better World, featuring IQT’s Dr. Megan Anderson & Dr. Sarah Sewall
  • The Intersection: Taking Calculated Venture Capital Risks and Navigating Market Downturns, featuring Lux Capital’s Bilal Zuberi
  • The Intersection: Who Charges Your Batteries? Featuring author and editor of The Electric, Steve LeVine
  • The Intersection: Nuclear power is en vogue? Featuring the Department of Energy’s Scott Hsu
  • What Does the Future Hold for the U.S. Bioeconomy? Featuring Dr. Kevin O’Connell, Dr. Tara O’Toole, and Eugene Chiu
  • The Intersection: Espionage Threats, Tech, and Algorithms, featuring Dr. Amy Zegart

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