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FMS Announces Strategic Investment and Licensing Agreement with In-Q-Tel

Oct. 17, 2005

In-Q-Tel Invests in Northern Virginia Firm

October 17, 2005

FMS, Inc., an award-winning company with 18 years of experience delivering proven solutions to a wide range of customers, today announced that it has entered into a strategic agreement with In-Q-Tel, a private venture enterprise funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). After conducting exhaustive customer, industry, management, and technical due diligence, In-Q-Tel has identified FMS’s Sentinel Threat Management System (TMS) software and the company’s experience as having significant potential to address the needs of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

“FMS provides unquestioned expertise in database applications and a highly innovative technical team from the commercial sector to address our national security needs,” said Gilman Louie, President and CEO of In-Q-Tel. “In-Q-Tel is very pleased with its partnership with FMS and sees great value in its extremely powerful, easy-to-use Sentinel TMS technology.”

FMS’s Sentinel TMS software analyzes and ranks people, transactions, events, organizations, and other criteria, assigns relative values to those connections, and develops a dynamic picture of the relationships. The results can be simultaneously viewed by importance, reliability, timeframe, location, network, and other definitions of interest. Designed to accept data from various sources and integrate with other third-party software, Sentinel TMS allows users to correlate various forms of information with sophisticated real-time analysis in one intuitive and easy to use interface. The Sentinel TMS software is a robust solution that provides highly accurate analysis resulting in actionable intelligence.

“We are extremely honored that In-Q-Tel recognizes the potential of our work and excited to create software solutions that helps ‘connect the dots’ – addressing a critical national security need,” said, FMS president and founder Luke Chung. “By leveraging our experience with database solutions in the commercial sector and incorporating scientific methodologies like social network analysis to deal with fuzzy data, we created Sentinel TMS and introduced it to the federal government. Our partnership with In-Q-Tel will further enhance our technology and expand the work we do with the Intelligence Community.”

The FMS Advanced Systems Group began shipping Sentinel TMS last year and has a strategic roadmap of enhancements, products, and ancillary services – many of which are already being tested. Version 3.0, which includes increased security, next generation temporal views, and other new features, is being released later this month. FMS also supports mission specific requirements which involve customized interfaces or additional features required by some users.

The FMS Advanced Systems Group is a division of FMS, Inc. an award-winning small minority-owned business founded in 1986. With tens of thousands of customers, FMS applications are widely used by commercial and government organizations in the US and over 100 countries. The Sentinel Threat Management System offers advanced analysis, visualization, and knowledgebase solutions to the Federal Intelligence Community. In addition, the FMS Advanced Systems Group provides solutions in the area of Geospatial/Temporal Analysis and Situational Awareness by combining cutting-edge science with intuitive user interfaces. FMS is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a member of the Oracle Partner Network, an Intel Early Access Program Member, and was named to the inaugural Software Development Times list of 100 Top Software Innovators and Leaders list. Please visit for more information.