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Feb. 08, 2005

In-Q-Tel Support Expands CallMiner’s Leadership Position in Speech Analytics

CallMiner Inc., a leading provider of speech analytics software designed to uncover business intelligence from recorded calls, today announced it has signed a strategic investment and development agreement with In-Q-Tel, a private venture group funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). In-Q-Tel joins existing CallMiner investors Inflexion Partners, Intersouth Partners, and Village Ventures. Financial terms of the agreement are not disclosed but include enhancements to CallMiner’s speech analytics toolset.

“CallMiner’s state of the art technology for mining information from recordings offers a robust set of applications to gain insight into recorded interactions,” said Gilman Louie, President and CEO of In-Q-Tel. “We have tapped CallMiner’s expertise in the development of speech analytics applications to serve in the United States national security interest. In-Q-Tel is excited to support CallMiner and benefit from their progress in speech analytics.”

Every year, hundreds of millions of recordings are made for quality and statutory requirements. The recorded data is largely ignored since the economics of manual listening is prohibitive, or the volumes of calls render the task impossible. CallMiner’s technology solves this by using state-of-the-art speech recognition and patent pending conversion technologies to listen to recorded phone conversations to create minable databases. Without CallMiner’s technology, this data is inaccessible.

“We aim to create more context and more intelligence to both enterprise and government organizations from our speech analytics suite,” said Jeff Gallino, CEO of CallMiner. Partnering with In-Q-Tel to bring value to the US government broadens our leadership position in the speech analytics market.”

About CallMiner
CallMiner is a leading developer of solutions that assist contact centers in the analysis of recorded calls. CallMiner’s core application automates the process of converting calls into searchable text and statistics for mining and gathering business intelligence. CallMiner’s advanced tool set enables contact center managers and executives to conduct ad-hoc queries and analyses of agent and customer interactions, while providing insight into what customers are saying and how agents are responding. Since CallMiner’s tools are easy to use, managers in marketing, sales, customer service and other organizations can now analyze mission critical information contained in recorded calls in real-time. Leading institutional investors including Inflexion Partners, Intersouth Partners, and Village Ventures backs CallMiner. For additional information about CallMiner, Inc. visit, or call 239-573-9670.

About CallMiner Application Suite
The CallMiner Analytics software suite enables call centers to rapidly identify, target and report what was said in recorded calls. Without CallMiner, critical business intelligence remains inaccessible. The CallMiner suite is installed alongside existing call recording hardware and can convert any volume of recorded calls to relational databases for analysis and reporting. The CallMiner application suite enables analysis of 100% of call center recordings without the need to manually listen to calls, effectively eliminating a roadblock to synthesize potentially valuable information. CallMiner’s applications provide companies with insight into to what customers are saying and provide management with visibility to potential issues and opportunities residing within existing calls data. Analysis of agent/customer interactions provides actionable intelligence for management to help reduce call center operational costs, and provide a better customer experience.