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April 24, 2002

Inktomi Corp. (Nasdaq: INKT), developer of scalable network infrastructure software, today announced that In-Q-Tel, a technology venture funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), has selected Inktomi search technology to deliver customized information retrieval to streamline the gathering of data. In-Q-Tel, in its effort to deliver cutting edge capabilities to the CIA, plans to introduce Inktomi® Enterprise Search as a targeted search solution supporting multiple languages for its government clients, enabling them to more efficiently locate and access relevant information.

“Leading edge search and retrieval technology is a top priority for In-Q-Tel because it is critical for accessing the vast amount of data available today, quickly and efficiently,” said Gilman Louie, president and CEO, In-Q-Tel. “Inktomi has some of the most powerful enterprise intelligence tools in the commercial market. After a thorough evaluation, we selected Inktomi Enterprise Search for our government clients because its customizability and highly relevant multilingual search capabilities have the potential to deliver valuable improvements in open source information gathering.”

The volume of information in foreign languages is continuously expanding, making it increasingly difficult to locate and identify relevant content of value to enterprises and government organizations. Inktomi Enterprise Search provides customers the capability to focus on key content tailored to required needs via a highly targeted, custom crawl. Inktomi Enterprise Search also delivers multilingual document recognition as well as full linguistic analysis and localized user interface options in most major world languages.

“The agreement with In-Q-Tel to deliver custom, multiple language search is a testament to the versatility of our software in supporting our customers’ information retrieval needs,” said Troy Toman, vice president and general manager, Inktomi Enterprise Search Solutions. “Today, government organizations are looking to sophisticated information retrieval technologies to leverage content across their organizations while maintaining the security of sensitive information.”

Inktomi Enterprise Search has been deployed by more than 2,500 enterprises, public Web sites, universities and government entities. The highly scalable search software has a low total cost of ownership due to its rapid installation, efficient management and administration and highly relevant information retrieval capabilities. Inktomi’s natural language search is compatible with hundreds of file formats, multiple languages and both structured and unstructured repositories such as databases, portals, content management systems, collaboration applications, security systems, file systems and Web servers.

About Inktomi
Based in Foster City, Calif., Inktomi develops and markets scalable network infrastructure software solutions essential for global enterprises and service providers. The company’s products are used to publish, distribute, manage and retrieve corporate-critical information across worldwide networks, helping organizations increase productivity while lowering costs. Inktomi’s industry-leading solutions include network caching, content distribution, media publishing, and enterprise and Web search technologies. Inktomi distributes its products directly, as well as through global channel partners and leading hardware vendors that embed Inktomi content networking software in a range of server appliances. Inktomi’s customer and strategic partner base includes such leading companies as America Online, AT&T, Compaq, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Nokia, Sun Microsystems and Yahoo! The company has offices in North America, Asia and Europe. For more information, visit