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Nov. 14, 2003

Agent Logic Enterprise Agent Server Event Detection and Response Software Identified for Applicability to Intelligence Community Needs

Agent Logic, the leading provider of enterprise event detection and response software, today announced that In-Q-Tel, a private independent technology investment group funded by the CIA, has signed a strategic partnership and license agreement with Agent Logic.  This deal highlights the promise of Agent Logic’s Enterprise Agent Server™ (EAS) to address Intelligence Community needs to detect and respond to changes and events across disparate databases and applications.

Agent Logic’s EAS software is an agent-based event server that instantly, automatically and intelligently takes action based on user requests or important changes in data across an enterprise’s information systems. The EAS enables organizations to deploy event detection and response capabilities as a universal enterprise resource that can be tapped on demand, rather than having to custom code similar capabilities into individual applications.  Agent Logic’s universal approach results in better maintainability and provides end users with event detection and response services that span multiple systems in extremely rapid timeframes.

“Imagine having multiple electronic personal assistants working on your behalf — performing tedious tasks such as automatically watching multiple databases for new information related to your area of interest or checking a project management system every 5 minutes to make sure a critical activity is on schedule,” said Michael Appelbaum, CEO of Agent Logic. “Agent Logic makes these capabilities possible across existing information systems, allowing everyone from analysts to managers to re-focus their efforts on immediate business goals while remaining confident that they will be notified of important events and, where appropriate, have actions taken automatically.”

The core of Agent Logic’s EAS software has been in development since 1998, and is used today by numerous Fortune 500 and government customers. In-Q-Tel put Agent Logic’s EAS software through an intensive hands-on technical testing and due diligence process in order to validate its capabilities before concluding this strategic deal.

“Agent Logic is an important addition to our strategic investment portfolio. EAS has direct applications for addressing the most daunting problems the Intelligence Community faces today for information sharing and data monitoring across existing information systems,” said Gilman Louie, CEO of In-Q-Tel. “EAS has a unique ability to rapidly deliver event detection and response functionality across the broad spectrum of IT. The EAS can radically enhance the way any organization — commercial or government — accesses and responds to important information. It can provide end users with new capabilities on top of their existing systems in literally hours.  With Agent Logic, the days of building custom solutions for event detection and response are over.”

About Agent Logic
Agent Logic, formerly VitalContact, is the developer of the Enterprise Agent Server™ (EAS), the software that transforms the way organizations detect and respond to changes across their information systems.  Headquartered in Northern Virginia, Agent Logic was founded in 1999 by the developers of the award-winning Webspector web page change detection and monitoring software in use at numbers of Fortune 500 corporations.  Agent Logic’s customer base spans commercial and government enterprises. Agent Logic is part of the Walker Ventures and In-Q-Tel portfolios of companies. In-Q-Tel is a private, non-profit enterprise, funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), whose mission is to identify and invest in cutting-edge technology (IT) solutions that serve U.S. national security interests. For more information on Agent Logic, please visit:

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