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IQT Introduces the IQT Government Platform Accelerator™ to Enhance Technology Commercialization for National Security

April 28, 2023

Offering IQT portfolio companies’ resources and programs to deliver business and commercialization expertise and government process know-how to advance technology and support national technology commercialization.

In-Q-Tel, Inc. (IQT) is pleased to announce the launch of IQT’s Government Platform Accelerator (GPA) to support IQT’s growing portfolio of technology companies bringing innovative solutions to enhance the security of the U.S. and its allies. This endeavor builds on IQT’s long-standing, not-for-profit mission to provide deep technological expertise and make strategic investments to achieve visionary and real-world solutions.

IQT matches emerging technologies developed by startups that are near-ready for commercialization with the specific needs of our government partners, delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions promptly. IQT’s GPA will provide its portfolio companies with a wide range of strategies, training, and coaching to enable and accelerate their successful entry into the government market.

IQT also is pleased to announce that Barry Leffew has joined IQT as the Vice President of the Government Platform Accelerator. Barry is an accomplished leader with an extensive background in building and leading high-performing Public Sector teams. Over Barry’s career, he has led successful Public Sector teams at Oracle, Adobe, VeriSign, Macromedia, NeXT, and SAP.

“U.S. government spending on technology solutions represents one of the largest vertical markets in the world,” said Barry Leffew, Vice President of IQT’s GPA. “IQT’s GPA continues the IQT mission and provides important resources and support to our portfolio companies to build and grow their overall government business. Accelerating the growth of government business will enable companies to make more investments to scale and improve their solution capabilities, while at the same time enhancing support for the national security mission.”

A key goal of IQT’s GPA is to increase the likelihood that government-funded technology innovations will achieve commercial success and contribute to national security. With a legacy portfolio of nearly 700 companies that have addressed the dual-use markets of commercial and government, IQT will leverage its network and knowledge to benefit its government partners and affiliated companies, fostering collaboration and learning from past achievements.

“IQT has a distinct vantage point as the long-standing, trusted partner operating at the intersection of venture-backed startups and the national security community to deliver novel capabilities and technology insights,” said George Hoyem, EVP Investments. “The IQT GPA will provide important and strategic services to our portfolio companies as they build and grow their government business while enabling our government partners to scale their ideas and technologies swiftly and strategically.”

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