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Dec. 05, 2001

Mohomine, Inc., a leader in Unstructured Data Management Software (UDMS) solutions, today announced the general availability of mohoClassifier™ v2.0, an OEM-able product targeted at enterprise application vendors and for usage in government applications. In creating UDMS software, Mohomine is aggressively solving one of the biggest challenges facing large enterprises today—harnessing the value of unstructured data. Mohomine has created a unique, infrastructure-based software offering that gets to the heart of the data management problem by helping enterprises go from “information overload” to “total knowledge, classified and accessible.”

Designed as an OEM product, mohoClassifier v2.0 (mC), provides a modular solution that is quickly and seamlessly integrated into knowledge management applications, such as portals, document management, content management, customer relationship management, sales force automation, catalog and human resource management software applications—with integration cycles as short as two weeks. mC classifies information in emails, file systems, intranets and extranets, including the Internet.

In-Q-Tel, a private not-for-profit “venture catalyst” funded by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is both an investor and an early customer of Mohomine. In-Q-Tel is evaluating mC for potential use and deployment.

“We are believers in Mohomine’s UDMS model. Their ability to integrate extraction with extremely fast classification is important to any large enterprise, whether it be commercial or government,” said Gilman Louie, president and CEO of In-Q-Tel. “Mohomine’s technology gets to the heart of what we see as the biggest problem facing enterprises and national security organizations today—information overload.”

“In most large enterprises corporate knowledge is languishing in emails, file systems, intranets, Internet data—the untapped and difficult to access information residing in every business,” said Sameer Samat, CTO and founder of Mohomine. “Our vision is to enrich the enterprise application’s ability to enable their end user customers to easily derive knowledge from this unstructured data to make critical decisions. Mohomine does this by focusing fast and accurate extraction and classification technology at the infrastructure level.”

mC can also be integrated into existing corporate applications, such as enterprise search engines, corporate portals, news aggregation services, and customized content and document management systems. Although most software application vendors incorporate some classification functionality in their software, for Mohomine, extraction and classification are core competencies, providing better scalability, unparalleled accuracy and speed, along with simplified integration.

According to Louie, “In-Q-Tel is building a portfolio of highly innovative and important new commercial technologies that can help address the CIA’s toughest IT challenges. When we invested in Mohomine, we invested in their vision of UDMS. They are defining this new space.”

Availability and Pricing: mohoClassifier v2.0 is available now for English and Western European languages, with additional language support due in Q1 2002. mC can be licensed for usage in applications or ASP solutions as licensed software, or integrated into an existing application as a custom enterprise application. Please email for further information on language and feature availability. Pricing varies by OEM application. An evaluation version of the mohoClassifier v2.0 may be requested by visiting

About Mohomine:
Founded in 1999, privately held Mohomine is an Unstructured Data Management Software infrastructure company that provides OEM-able products and solutions for enterprise application vendors. Mohomine’s licensable technology automates the process of structuring data via intelligent algorithms that convert content to highly structured XML. The application of Mohomine technology is broad, with heavy focus on CRM, exchanges, catalogs, content management, and HR intensive portals and software. Mohomine products include mohoClassifier™, Web DataBuilder™ and e-Catalog DataBuilder™ built upon Mohomine’s data aggregation, automated classification and attribute extraction technology infrastructure. The company also offers custom solutions.