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Oculis Labs Secures Strategic Investment from IQT

Sept. 12, 2011

Investment Advances Delivery of Display Security to Intelligence Agencies

Oculis Labs, a developer of data privacy software that protects mobile and desktop computers from visual eavesdroppers, today announced a partnership agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT), the independent, strategic investment firm that identifies innovative technology solutions to support the mission of the U.S. Intelligence Community. In-Q-Tel’s relationship and strategic investment will accelerate Oculis Labs’ success in both government and commercial markets.

There are nearly 400 million mobile business and government workers worldwide and three quarters of workers in the U.S. are mobile, working in shared or public spaces, often reviewing and utilizing confidential information. 89 percent of all people admit to reading over someone else’s shoulder, the easiest way to compromise data. To address this ongoing problem Oculis Labs offers two products, PrivateEye and Chameleon:

    • PrivateEye is a data privacy software solution that protects mobile and desktop computers from visual eavesdroppers. This new desktop security application employs computer vision, facial recognition and detection algorithms with a standard webcam to actively protect information displayed on computer screens.
  • Chameleon addresses the current government market of 2.9 million users working with sensitive and classified materials as well as many large untapped new markets including multi-agency or multi-national facilities, embassies and consulates, command centers, tactical forward bases, and in-field mobile personnel where information should be available on a need-to-know only basis. Chameleon solves the unmet need of protecting data in the field against electronic or physical surveillance and insider espionage threats.


“In-Q-Tel understands and supports the mission of innovative technology companies like Oculis Labs in developing products for both commercial and government markets,” said Bill Anderson, CEO of Oculis Labs. “Our relationship with IQT will drive further market success as a result of their support, relationships and strategic advice.”

“Oculis Labs is an important addition to our investment portfolio and we are excited about this technology’s ability to address a critical need in information security, protecting the last two feet of the network,” said T.J. Rylander, Partner on IQT’s Investments team. “Oculis Labs’ technologies offer a vital new capability in securing computer systems against a wide range of insider and outsider threats.”

About Oculis Labs

Oculis Labs, headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland, develops data privacy software that secures the last two feet of the Internet — the distance from the computer screen to a user’s eyes. The company’s products protect valuable information displayed on mobile and desktop computers from unintended viewers. Today the company offers PrivateEye for consumers and the enterprise and Chameleon for government and military users. These two solutions safeguard all displayed information from visual eavesdropping. For more information, visit