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Quantum4D Announces Strategic Investment and Technology Advancement Agreement with In-Q-Tel

March 25, 2008

Quantum4D, the creator of a powerful new patent-pending visualization technology, today announced a strategic investment and technology advancement agreement with In-Q-Tel, the independent strategic investment firm that identifies innovative technology solutions to support the missions of the CIA and the broader U.S. Intelligence Community. With this investment Quantum4D will accelerate product development.

Quantum4D’s software allows clients to see and share dynamics in a living 3-D visual system as they occur over structured representations of economic, market and equation systems. The output produces faster access to previously inaccessible insights, data comprehension and opportunity sets. The software enables users to see the architecture, logic and relationships that make up the risk environment surrounding critical path decisions. In dramatic fashion, changes, trends and anomalies are vividly revealed in ways impossible to capture algorithmically which in turn can be translated into new discoveries, competitive advantage and/or profit-making opportunities. Importantly, Quantum4D’s breakthrough software visualizations empower the eye, the world’s uncontested best pattern recognition system. Models can now be animated to reveal dynamics at every level and every part of an eco-system from the macro to micro levels. Whether comparing a single variable across thousands of concerns or watching wave fronts of movement through an articulated model of an industry or market, Quantum4D spotlights relationships heretofore hidden in dark databases, black-boxes, 2-D spreadsheets, and early 3-D data charts and graphs. Quantum4D’s space animations replace hundreds of charts and hours of analysis.

In-Q-Tel conducted a thorough evaluation before selecting Quantum4D’s technology. In-Q-Tel bases its investment on a three-pronged evaluation process. This includes rigorous vetting for technical excellence, examination of the financial soundness of the company, and the quality of the match between the commercial solution and the broadly described problem set of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

“In-Q-Tel invested in Quantum4D because it offers government and commercial users a new capability to significantly enhance critical decision making,” said Troy M. Pearsall, Executive Vice President of Technology Transfer at In-Q-Tel. “We are excited with the Quantum4D partnership and with the promise of further significant developments in visualization technology capabilities that will have broad utility for the U.S. Intelligence Community”

“We are clearly excited about the opportunity to work with In-Q-Tel and their partners within the U.S. Intelligence Community,” said Michael Warner, CEO of Quantum4D. “We view this investment by In-Q-Tel as a validation of our approach to interfacing with information.”

About Quantum4D
Quantum4D is a visual analysis platform providing organizations with a powerful new medium for insight discovery and collective intelligence. Like web-pages, Quantum4D allows easy navigation of data, information and insights.  Like Excel® and other quantitative analysis tools, it allows decision-makers to create scenarios, models and simulations with a few clicks.  Quantum4D also gives users fast access to a number of best of the generation dynamic 3-D data representations.  From simple visual reports to complex simulations of total economic systems – Quantum4D lets users articulate and share whatever insight they can imagine or uncover.  Users can overlay existing data or access views created by others using data from a variety of Quantum4D’s partners: from global GDP to particular product SKUs and the industries, regions and companies in between; Quantum4D provides our growing community of users with fast access to deeper insights into their world.  Visit