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ReversingLabs and IQT Enter into Strategic Partnership

Feb. 15, 2012

ReversingLabs, a company specializing in rapid analysis of unknown binary content, has entered into a Strategic Partnership Agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT), the independent strategic investment firm that identifies innovative technology products to support the missions of the U.S. Intelligence Community.
“Our partnership with ReversingLabs will build on the company’s success in the commercial market,” said Will Radosevich, Vice President of the Information and Communication Technologies practice at IQT. “ReversingLabs’ TitaniumCore decomposition technology will provide advanced security solutions for our customers in the U.S. Intelligence Community.”

This strategic partnership between ReversingLabs and IQT will promote ReversingLabs’ binary analysis technology to a higher level and provide new opportunities for its suite of products. The technology is being developed for the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T), an IQT customer agency.

“ReversingLabs’ mission is to provide security solutions that add visibility into all unknown binary threats and help improve the digital quality of life,” said Mario Vuksan, CEO of ReversingLabs. “Our partnership with IQT will create new opportunities for leveraging ReversingLabs’ versatile and multifunctional binary analysis and scalable cloud-based technologies into related applications.”

In addition to the value for the defense and security communities, ReversingLabs’ unknown binary decomposition platform has relevant applications for any Enterprise, CERT or commercial Anti-Malware lab. An important benefit of ReversingLabs’ implementation as compared to existing solutions is that its static approach brings about extremely fast and secure in-depth analysis of unknown binaries that applies to binaries from any platform, firmware or chipset implementation.

ReversingLabs’ TitaniumCore platform is a powerful decomposition engine that aims to analyze every file.  It removes executable protection and obfuscation in order to accelerate Anti-Malware analysis.  Its rich output of meta-data provides new information that can be mapped against ReversingLabs’ comprehensive database of artifacts on over 100TB of Goodware and 30TB of Malware files. The benefit of this technology is to enable Security Professionals to rapidly analyze “unknown” threats regardless of the volume of incoming samples.

About ReversingLabs

ReversingLabs is an innovative company dedicated to the analysis of all unknown binary content.  TitaniumCore, the company’s award winning file analysis platform removes all protection and obfuscation artifacts, unwraps formatting elements and extracts relevant meta-data.  Results are compared against analysis reports on billions of Goodware and Malware files. Binary content normally not identified by whitelisting and blacklisting can thus be analyzed and its artifacts classified.  ReversingLabs offers a complex ad-hoc query engine for rapid result retrieval at great scale.  Such tools and databases are available in the cloud or can be replicated globally in real time.  For more information, visit