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Dec. 14, 2013

Soflinx Corporation, a privately-held provider of sensor security networks, and Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) today announced that Soflinx technology assets and personnel have been acquired by the Maritime Sensors and Systems division of Lockheed Martin.

Founded in 2003, Soflinx is an In-Q-Tel portfolio company, funded by the venture arm of the CIA and private investors. The company provides mobile and fixed network systems for detecting chemical, biological, and radiological threat detection, deployed for infrastructure security, special event security, and perimeter and border security. The systems can network tens or thousands of sensors together in intelligent wired and wireless systems, enabling a new generation of sensor detection and data integration. Using innovative methods of information management, Soflinx software views a sensor network and provides an enterprise system overview rather than merely a set of “point detectors.”

“We worked closely with Soflinx to develop and mature their sensor technology, as a result, Soflinx’s technology came to the attention of key providers,” said Gilman Louie, President and CEO of In-Q-Tel. “This acquisition presents significant opportunities to extend and apply Soflinx’s commercial technology across greater Intelligence Community.

Lockheed acquires two primary Soflinx products. The Soflinx Mobile Defender is a self-contained hardware and software system that can be rapidly moved from one venue to another, providing security selectively at high profile events or in mobile command situations. Soflinx Defender systems are in use in several government locations and are suitable for public transportation and communication infrastructures, commercial or public facilities and campuses, or wherever fail-safe fixed security is crucial.

Senturia said, “The management and investors in Soflinx are gratified that our early successes and proofs of concept have allowed us to find a safe home for both our people and our technology, where the potential of this innovative software system can be fully realized.”