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SpotterRF Secures Investment Deal with IQT to Support U.S. Intelligence Community

Aug. 10, 2010

August 10, 2012

SpotterRF LLC, the industry leader in a new class of radar called Micro Surveillance Radar (MSR), today announced a strategic investment and development agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT), the independent, strategic investment firm that identifies innovative technologies to support the mission of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

SpotterRF is bringing radar from the age of the mainframe into the age of personal computers by applying commercial wireless RF components and digital signal processing to achieve a revolutionary decrease in size, weight, and power consumption for a wide area Ground Surveillance Radar (GSR) unit. The product also incorporates a miniature web server directly in the radar unit itself to make the product as simple as opening a web page for security personnel.

“SpotterRF provides a unique radar motion detection ability in a small, cost effective package that will be of great benefit to the government, military, and industrial security markets,” said William Strecker, Executive Vice President of Architecture & Engineering and CTO at IQT. “IQT’s strategic investment in SpotterRF reflects the opportunities we see for this ready-soon innovation to make a difference in both the government and commercial sectors. We were particularly impressed to see the company integrate its product with Google Earth (formerly IQT portfolio company Keyhole) for real-time display of radar targets.”

“SpotterRF is about providing 24/7, all weather perimeter security for our warfighters who deserve and demand the best technology that is available,” stated Logan Harris, CEO of SpotterRF LLC. “Working with IQT will ensure the rapid transition of this technology into the hands of those that need it, protecting the lives of those who work to protect others.”

The SpotterRF M600 is about the size of a textbook, has no moving parts and yet is able to provide perimeter and area security across 100 to 200 acres. MSR is an ideal force protection sensor for small unit operations because of its size, ease of deployment, and ease of use. The M600 is so simple and easy to use that training can be done in less than 15 minutes and the unit only requires a web browser for real-time visualization of potential threats.

Just as the use of computers was transformed from mainframes accessible only by a few highly trained technicians to PCs accessed by millions, Micro Surveillance Radar is making radar accessible to the masses. For the warfighter this means that instead of just a few commanders having access to tracking radar, all warfighters can have real-time, all-weather situational awareness.

About SpotterRF

SpotterRF LLC, is the leader in Micro Surveillance Radar, a new class of radar that is small enough to hold in your hand but powerful enough to track a person walking anywhere within a 148 acre space. SpotterRF’s M600 was built to protect the warfighter at night and in poor weather conditions by giving them an ambush alert when someone approaches their position. SpotterRF LLC is a privately held company located in Orem, Utah. Visit