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Strategic Partnership with In-Q-Tel Plays Key Role in Introducing Immersive Visual and Geospatial Technologies to the U.S. Intelligence Community

June 21, 2006

iMove®, the leading developer of immersive visual solutions for mission-critical security and surveillance applications, today announces a series of strategic investments, and development and product purchase agreements, with In-Q-Tel, the independent strategic venture capital fund that identifies innovative technologies to support the mission of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the larger Intelligence Community.

“Our goal is to deliver innovative technology from the commercial sector to help solve some of the most pressing national security challenges the IC faces,” said Troy Pearsall, Senior Vice President of Technology of In-Q-Tel. “iMove’s immersive video offers dramatic benefits across a range of applications and customers that has radically enhanced critical decision making.”

iMove’s immersive video technology provides enhanced situational awareness by seamlessly displaying multiple video streams in real-time panoramic and 360° spherical views, placing users inside the scene with the ability to look in every direction and to move through space. iMove’s products include GeoView™, a video mapping solution that provides a feet-on-the-street perspective to supplement overhead imagery and maps; and inView™, a video surveillance solution that reduces the number of cameras and operators necessary to protect wide area perimeters.

In July 2004, In-Q-Tel signed an initial strategic investment and development agreement with iMove, which then focused its successful commercial technology on the government and national security markets. iMove’s immersive visual solutions help private and public sector organizations, including intelligence and law enforcement agencies, to capture, process, and display wide-area, immersive video in an intuitive manner that anyone can comprehend. Since then, In-Q-Tel has made additional strategic investments and development agreements on behalf of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the Defense Intelligence Community (DIA).

“Our partnership with In-Q-Tel reflects a strong sense of purpose to rapidly field capabilities that contribute to our national interest,” said John Herring, iMove’s President and CEO. “We are pleased that our leadership in the immersive video market can be leveraged to support these efforts.”

About iMove, Inc.
iMove is a leading provider of immersive visual solutions for mission-critical security and surveillance applications. iMove’s solutions deliver higher resolution visual information and expanded situational awareness using automated features to dramatically enhance mission performance while reducing cost and complexity. Our solutions are deployed at home and abroad for the prevention of potentially catastrophic incidents associated with critical infrastructure and for intelligence and special operation forces mission planning and training systems. iMove is based in Portland, Oregon.

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