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July 18, 2002

Investment Highlights NORA’s Value to the Government Market

Systems Research and Development, a pioneer and leader in real-time data warehousing, collusion detection and enterprise-wide connectivity, has secured additional funding from In-Q-Tel, Inc., a private not-for-profit corporation funded by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. In-Q-Tel invests in leading edge information technologies with applications to the government and commercial sectors.

“In-Q-Tel is building a portfolio of highly innovative and important new commercial technologies that can help address the U.S. Intelligence Community’s toughest challenges,” said Gilman Louie, In-Q-Tel’s president and CEO. “We began working with SRD more than a year ago because we saw great potential value in their Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness™ (NORA™) technology.  NORA automates and speeds the process of sorting and analyzing large amounts of data, and offers a unique capability to detect in real time potentially collusive relationships between people and/or organizations.  This capability has tremendous value for private sector enterprises seeking to protect their assets, as well as for government.”

NORA, the result of 19 years of research and development, is supported by SRD’s real-time data SI Warehousing technology.  The SI (for Strategic Infrastructure) Warehousing technology collects data from hundreds or even thousands of computer systems – within seconds – compiling the results into one central warehouse.  An essential part of the SI Warehousing platform is an integrated suite of data integrity processes that enable its match/merge engine to reconcile or eliminate duplicate records as fast as the data streams from source systems.

When non-obvious relationships are detected that match pre-defined “alert rules,” NORA™ presents the findings via e-mail, pager or cell phone in a matter of seconds.  Once alerted, authorized personnel make fact-based decisions to determine if an action or investigation should follow.

John Slitz, CEO of SRD, states that, “We’re delighted to have In-Q-Tel as a partner, investor, and a discriminating customer. This relationship validates the value of SRD’s technology within a wide range of government agencies that have many of the same internal challenges as our commercial customers.”
“Our relationship with In-Q-Tel is a logical step,” said Slitz.  “NORA™ is about asset protection, and protecting America’s national security is the ultimate application of asset protection.  Needless to say, we are very excited to have invented a technology that contributes at this level.”

About Systems Research & Development
Systems Research and Development (SRD) develops, sells and supports strategic enterprise software solutions.  Companies rely on SRD’s technology to achieve the highest level of data quality, integration, and accessibility for informed business decisions.  SRD is the creator of the SI (Strategic Infrastructure) Warehouse, a real-time data-warehousing platform, and the Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness™ or NORA™, a revolutionary fraud detection system that helps organizations detect the “insider” threat, reduce fraud, improve workplace safety and combat organized external theft.  For more information about SRD, please visit our web site at