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TerraGo Technologies Announces Strategic Investment and Development Agreement with In-Q-Tel

Oct. 22, 2006

Strategic Partnership with In-Q-Tel Plays Key Role in Introtucing Cutting-edge Mapping Technologies to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the Broader Intelligence Community

October 23, 2006

TerraGo Technologies, provider of GeoPDF® and the MAP2PDF™ family of products, announced today that it has entered into a strategic agreement with In-Q-Tel, the independent strategic venture capital fund that identifies innovative technologies to support the missions of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the larger Intelligence Community (IC).

The equity and technology advancement agreement allows for development of new mapping products needed by government agencies such as the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and other In-Q-Tel Intelligence Community partners. These agencies use TerraGo products to quickly and easily share geospatial data throughout their organizations.

“In-Q-Tel serves as an accelerator for emerging technologies, proving the ability of these tools to positively impact government organizations,” said James Davis, TerraGo President and CEO. “In-Q-Tel’s support of TerraGo is validation of the increasing importance of using GeoPDF to distribute and collaborate on geospatial data and confirms the advantages of a tool that can be used anywhere, anytime by anyone.”

Leveraging the Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF), TerraGo customers are able to send complex, georegistered maps as PDF files with layers and embedded feature attributes. A GeoPDF can be easily distributed and used in connected or disconnected modes with the free Adobe Reader® and GeoPDF Toolbar software. Users are able to view finished digital maps, turn layers on and off, query attributes, display coordinates, measure distances and track locations via GPS without the need for specialized geospatial knowledge or training. TerraGo’s products are used by government agencies and commercial organizations that rely on extensive mapping data to do their jobs effectively. Customers using TerraGo’s products include organizations in the fields of national defense, infrastructure, emergency response, public safety, public works, oil, and gas.

“This investment reflects cooperation between both civilian and defense organizations of the Intelligence Community on important new technology development,” said Chris Darby, President and CEO of In-Q-Tel. “TerraGo’s solutions will enhance critical decision making and help users get essential geospatial data wherever in the world it is most needed. This deal reflects our mission to find and deliver innovative tools and technologies that enhance our national security interests.”

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TerraGo® Technologies is the provider of mapping solutions that leverage the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). TerraGo’s product line, MAP2PDF and the GeoPDF format, allows GIS professionals to convert complex, georegistered geospatial data into maps with extensive, embedded data which can be easily distributed, viewed and manipulated by non-GIS professionals, leveraging valuable geospatial assets across the enterprise. For more information, visit

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