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The In-Q-Tel Mission

April 15, 2016

Since our founding in 1999 as an independent, non-profit, private company, In-Q-Tel  has had one distinct, important mission: to identify and deliver cutting edge technologies to the U.S. intelligence community to enable IC agencies to carry out  their national security missions. IQT achieves this by leveraging our deep understanding of the technology investment landscape, identifying leading-edge commercial technology companies and helping them adapt and deliver those technologies to the commercial marketplace and our government customers.

IQT publicly announces the majority of the companies in which we invest. There will always be certain companies that are not announced publicly, as is common practice in the investment community.

We are honored to serve our customers and we are proud of our investments. IQT’s portfolio represents some of the best and most innovative companies in the world. This innovation is critical to helping our customers deliver on their mission: to protect and preserve our national security.

We will continue to operate in this manner and serve the best interest of both our customers and our portfolio companies.