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Weather Analytics Announces Strategic Investment and Technology Development Agreement from IQT

April 24, 2013

April 24, 2013

Weather Analytics, provider of comprehensive and precise worldwide climate and weather data, today announced an investment and technology partnership with In-Q-Tel (IQT), the independent, strategic investment firm that identifies innovative technology solutions to support missions of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

The partnership with IQT will enable Weather Analytics to accelerate development of new capabilities with the potential to deliver enhanced situational awareness and a deeper understanding of weather and climate data.

“Weather Analytics content is used in a diverse range of industry applications where the weather can play a critical role in risk-and-reward decisions,” stated Robert Ames, Senior Vice President in charge of Information and Communication Technologies at IQT. “Our partnership will help develop capabilities for deriving Intelligence Community-relevant insight from the company’s worldwide weather data and statistically stable historical data.”

The Weather Analytics platform ingests and processes more than six billion weather measurements daily for its online database. They are gathered from more than 45,000 sensor sources around the world – including those on satellites, ships, aircraft, balloons, buoys and ground stations. Weather Analytics processes that data and fuses it with approximately 60 trillion archived base records, reported over the last 33 years. This fused content is then available for additional processing and customer delivery – enabling predictive modeling and the resulting business and mission-critical intelligence.

“Our data and analytics can be highly relevant in testing the validity of insurance claims, forecasting energy consumption, mapping more cost-effective transportation routes, and predicting consumer buying behavior,” said Bill Pardue, Chairman and CEO of Weather Analytics. “We are pleased now to be a part of the In-Q-Tel portfolio – taking this knowledge that we’ve created for commercial clients and tailoring it to the unique needs of the U.S. Intelligence Community.”

About Weather Analytics
Weather Analytics delivers global climate intelligence by providing statistically stable, gap-free data formed by an extensive collection of historical, current and forecasted weather content, coupled with proprietary analytics and methodologies. Weather Analytics finds, assembles, cleans and formats weather data from around the world and delivers information that is directly accessible in an online database for decision support. Weather Analytics uses the aggregated data to create with proprietary analytics more than 580 weather variables for enhanced weather intelligence and risk mitigation that is delivered in user-friendly formats – allowing customers to focus efforts on solving business problems versus aggregating and cleansing data from raw sources. Weather Analytics provides this weather information for each of more than 700,000 locations, which covers the entire globe. The comprehensive collection ranges from 33 years of historical climate data, to on-demand current conditions, to hourly seven-day forecasts, all available for purchase at