Q-CTRL is a venture-capital-backed company that provides control-engineering software solutions to help customers harness the power of quantum physics in next-generation technologies. Q-CTRL has assembled the world’s foremost team of expert quantum-control engineers, providing solutions to many of the most advanced quantum computing teams globally.

www.q-ctrl.com | Sydney, AUS | Press Release | Initial Investment: March 2020



A Silicon Valley start-up, i-BLADES’s technology turns ordinary smartphones into extraordinary mobile solutions for public, private and command solutions. i-BLADES created the world’s first “Smartcase,” a next-generation mobile phone case with award winning technology inside. It’s a snap-on/snap-off universal modular expansion platform combining Smartcases with Blades providing more battery, more memory, more radios, more sensors, better audio, and many more. CEO and founder Jorge Fernandes is a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur whose many innovations include the global standard behind contactless payments such as Apple Pay.

www.i-blades.com | Milpitas, CA | Press Release | Initial Investment: February 2019