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Visionary startups. Experienced VCs. Dedicated government professionals. In-Q-Tel leads from the center of this matrix, connecting cutting-edge technology, strategic investments, and purpose: to enhance and advance national security for the U.S. and its allies.

World-class, cutting-edge technologies for National Security

In-Q-Tel scouts the global market for cutting-edge technologies that have both high national security impact and the potential for commercial success. Investment areas include:

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Digital Intelligence

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Autonomous Systems

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Industry 4.0

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Intelligent Connectivity

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Data Analytics

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Preface: SpaceNet LLC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating open source, artificial intelligence applied research for geospatial applications, specifically foundational mapping […]

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January 26, 2021

Synthetic Biology for Enhanced Biosecurity:  New Genetic Circuits and Switches

As synthetic biology continues to evolve, the ability to control engineered organisms is more important now than ever. In this episode, B.Next’s Dr. Kevin O’Connell is joined by Gabriel Lopez, the Co-founder and CEO of Synvivia, a company focused on building protein switches to control the behavior of genetically engineered organisms. Learn more about these protein switches, their commercial applications, how they can enhance biosecurity, and more. 

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January 19, 2021

Getting Back to Work and School:  Enhancing Access to COVID-19 Testing

In the era of COVID-19, how do we create safe environments for people to return to work, school, and their daily lives? B.Next’s Dr. Kevin O’Connell is joined by Troy Moore, Chief Scientific Officer and Founder at Kailos Genetics, an In-Q-Tel portfolio company providing cost-effective solutions that make genetic screening accessible to everyone. Listen in as the two explore the importance and impact of testing, genetic sequencing, the company’s capture and enrichment methodology adapted to work with the COVID-19 virus, and more.