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Visionary. Forward-leaning. Curious. Mission-focused.

These terms are the heart of IQT.

The Beginning

In-Q-Tel was founded in 1999 as the global technological evolution is underway… the internet is widely available, mobile applications are launching, and the digital revolution has arrived. The CIA and government agencies, once innovation leaders, recognized they were missing out on the cutting-edge, innovative, and impactful technologies coming out of Silicon Valley and beyond. Combining the security savvy of government with the can-do curiosity of Silicon Valley, In-Q-Tel is born.

The IQT Family

As technology evolves and government needs transform, IQT established new initiatives that build on its national security mission. IQT’s new business effort is IQT Emerge focused on commercializing technology innovation from U.S. government-funded R&D initiatives to support the mission needs of the U.S. national security community. IQT Labs explore technology opportunities and solutions to problems that remain unsolved across government, industry, and society yet are critically important for technology adoption and national security. B.Next was founded – and was prescient – in its application of biotechnology to address the national security threat of infectious disease epidemics and pandemics.

20+ Years of Insight, Access, and Investing for Mission Impact

For more than 20 years the intelligence and national security communities have relied on IQT to anticipate its technology questions, needs, and achieve solutions. The entirety of IQT – In-Q-Tel, IQT International, IQT Labs, B.Next, and IQT Emerge – will always be looking ahead to power our partners ahead of the technology curve to ensure the national security of the U.S. and its allies.

Executive Team

IQT’s leadership team brings together revolutionary leaders with experience in business, investing, intelligence, defense, myriad tech domains, and government. Their backgrounds contribute to the strength of the organization, its longevity and foresight, as well as serving as the core of our purpose-filled mission.

Christopher Darby


Steve Bowsher


Matt Strottman

EVP, Chief Operating Officer

Lisbeth Poulos

EVP, Chief of Staff

Peter Tague

EVP, IQT International & IQT Labs

Megan Anderson, Ph.D

EVP, Technology Programs

Simon Davidson

EVP, IQT Emerge

Tara O’Toole

EVP, Director of B.Next

Liz Fox

EVP, Product Marketing & Communications

Glenn Gaffney

EVP, Senior Fellow

Mike Vickers

EVP, Senior Fellow

Sarah Sewall

EVP, Policy & Senior Fellow

Bruce Adams

EVP, General Counsel

Board of Trustees

Michael M. Crow

Chairman of the Board

David McCormick

James L. Barksdale

Jami Miscik

Peter Barris

Admiral Mike Mullen

Howard Cox

Ted Schlein

Christopher Darby

Jeffrey H. Smith

Anita K. Jones

George Tenet

A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard

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