• The data analyst can quickly translate, ingest, and distribute information

  • The startup company understands how to build successful relationships with our government partners

  • The cybersecurity analyst can better identify vulnerabilities in their networks.

  • All because of tech expertise and sophisticated insights brought forth by IQT.

Who We Are

Innovation on a Mission

IQT has served one mission for more than 20 years: to deliver the most sophisticated source of strategic technical knowledge and capabilities to the U.S. government and its allies. IQT explores emerging technology and provides insight, powering its partners with the ability to better anticipate and advance national security in the 21st century.

IQT is like no other.

Our distinct role at the intersection of the government, venture capital, and the startup world equips IQT to make impactful investments.

We share insights, nurture creativity, and bring unparalleled access to deep technological expertise.

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Global sourcing of technologies and trends paired with deep market and technical analyses inform and drive investments, technical direction, and development.

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Inform and advise government partners with technical insights and resources; advise our portfolio companies on best practices to collaborate and provide a voice and platform to connect them with our government partners.

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The body of work bringing together sourcing, market and technology research and analysis, and testing and evaluation delivers critically needed technology for national security.

Smart Investing. Innovative Insights.

Investments typically range from $500,000 to $3 million and usually involve multiple government partners.

Investment includes two elements: a work program, which funds technology modifications needed for our government partners, and an equity stake usually in the form of a warrant.

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Global, Prolific Investor

We average one investment per week and count more than 500 investments in our portfolio. Every $1 invested by IQT leverages $28 in private sector investment.

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Bringing Near-Ready to Ready Now

IQT seeks dual-use technologies, meaning they have both the potential for commercial success and high national security impact. We work with companies to enhance their technology for government agencies for testing and use within 12 – 24 months.

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Dual Purpose, Multiple Bets

We often make multiple investments in technology areas and our investments often include multiple government partners. This approach maximizes cross-collaboration across government agencies and taxpayer dollars by avoiding time- and cost-intensive custom-built solutions.

For Startups

Partnering with Startups

More than just an investor

IQT invests in visionary, commercially focused companies we believe in and see the opportunity to build a long-term partnership on behalf of our government partners.

IQT is a careful, selective strategic investor. An investment and partnership with IQT demonstrates the company and its technology have real utility and potential to deliver national security capabilities.

Startups have traditionally avoided pursuing the federal marketplace due to requirements using limited time, capital, and other resources they cannot afford to give. It’s simple: IQT knocks down barriers to working with Government.

of IQT’s Portfolio Companies have never done business with the government.
Investments typically range from $500,000 to $3 million and often involve partners from multiple agencies.
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By getting involved early in investments — such as FireEye four years before its IPO — IQT helps influence product direction resulting in features first suggested by government partners.

500+ investments and counting.

Our Portfolio Companies obtain financial resources, market understanding, engineering expertise, and a voice and access to government partners. IQT helps Portfolio Companies understand how their technology and innovation can be practically applied and innovated within a government ecosystem, institutional knowledge they otherwise would not have access to.

Beyond connections with its government partners, IQT fosters connections between Portfolio Companies and top-tier investors. These efforts can lead to capital injection, credibility, and insights that help them shape their technology and deploy its utility in different and new ways.

For Government

Partnering with Government

IQT strengthens its partners ability to see, reach, and use cutting-edge technology via its global lens, footprint, and long-term institutional knowledge gathered by supporting the national security community for more than 20 years.

IQT identifies and adapts “ready-soon” technologies and products near the final stages of commercialization and do not require long-term development from the ground up. This means we find and deliver to our U.S. government partners critical, innovative technology quickly and cost-effectively to strengthen national security through new technologies.

IQT’s success is measured by mission use and impact:
  • More than 75% of IQT’s investments have been field-tested by our government partners.
  • Approximately 50% of our investments have been adopted for use.

Our team’s expertise spans a broad range of technology areas and their markets. This enables IQT to map technologies to our partners’ national security challenges with a strategic, comprehensive approach.

IQT focuses on mission-critical areas such as:
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Digital Intelligence

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Trusted Infrastructure

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Autonomous Systems

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Industry 4.0

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Intelligent Connectivity

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Data Analytics

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AI and Machine Learning

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IT Platforms

For Venture Capital

Collaborating with VCs

IQT regularly co-invests alongside other venture capital and private sector investors, serving as a force multiplier in the VC community.

In fact, every $1 invested by IQT leverages $28 in private sector investment. This backing, along with active support for our Portfolio Companies, helps ensure the long-term commercial viability of the company. And this backing benefits IQT’s government partners by reducing technology development costs and, ultimately, the taxpayer.

For the Record

Shedding light on commonly asked questions.

Is IQT a government entity?
No. In fact, IQT is a not-for-profit with 501(c)3 designation in the United States. It’s not a government entity nor a part of the CIA. IQT is a partner to CIA, FBI, NSA, NGA, NRO, CBP, DHS and other DHS components, DIA, U.S. Cyber Command, and Air Force. IQT also supports a tri-lateral partnership between the U.S., U.K. and Australia intelligence and national security community.
Does IQT make seed investments?
Yes, IQT also makes a modest number of equity-only investments; these are investments that do not include a work program – or development effort – to modify a startup’s technology. IQT’s seed investments range from $250,000 – $500,000.
Will IQT invest in international companies?
Absolutely. There are no geographic boundaries on foresight and innovation. We have investments in companies based in Europe, the U.K., Australia, and Canada.

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