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Raytheon – BBN

Research funded by DARPA

Company Description

Raytheon BBN ventures builds technology that maintains the nation’s technical superiority while launching commercial applications that shape the world. Raytheon BBN is building on DARPA-funded research to enable enterprises to increase quality-of-service metrics for high priority network traffic without affecting non-enterprise traffic. Applying AI techniques to network management, Raytheon BBN has been able to automatically classify traffic anywhere in the network, enabling enterprises to prioritize, manipulate flows, and meet high quality of service metrics.

Short Job Description

This position will embed with the development team to accelerate and catalyze the transition of the technology by developing a go to market strategy, identify high level product concepts and a unique value proposition for the technology, structure a minimal viable product (MVP) development plan and roadmap, and be a strategic partner when demoing the technology to early adopters. Prior experience as a technology entrepreneur or technology/business leader within an internet service provider, content delivery network, or cloud computing organization will be beneficial to the role.

The role requires a relevant technical degree in Software Engineering, Networking & Communications, and/or MBA as well as knowledge of the current state of the art in traffic engineering for large internet service providers and content delivery networks. This role will be hired through a consulting agreement with Raytheon BBN which will require weekly performance and meetings with the team. Remote work is acceptable for this position. More details about the consulting arrangement will be provided during the initial interview phase.