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Require Security

Research funded by DARPA

Company Description 

Require Security is an early-stage MIT spin-off providing automated and developer-friendly technologies for securing untrusted open-source libraries. By automatically identifying and controlling how untrusted 3rd party libraries interact with sensitive resources, Require Security is able to ensure developers deliver a hardened product without changing any application code. 

Short Job Description 

Require Security is seeking a Product Management leader with experience in enterprise software and security. This position is expected to identify customers, suggest optimization to the product for those customers, and deliver a go-to-market strategy. Ideally, this candidate will have experience leading and working in startups, fundraising, and interfacing with CTOs and CSOs at enterprise software companies. The candidate, working with the Require Security founders, will plan and build developer-facing services and products for both corporate and defense markets. Preference is for a candidate who can commit to a full-time position but Require Security is open to flexible, part-time commitments as well. Remote work is acceptable.