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Algorithmia and IQT Enter Technology and Strategic Investment Agreement

July 18, 2016

Partnership gives U.S. Government Agencies Access to Algorithmia’s Codex platform

July 18, 2016

Algorithmia, creator of the first and largest cloud marketplace for algorithms, has announced a strategic partnership with In-Q-Tel (IQT), the strategic investor that identifies innovative technology solutions to support the missions of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC).

The partnership provides IQT with access to Codex, a privately-deployed Algorithms-as-a-Service platform built by Algorithmia for enterprises. Codex enables algorithm developers to combine and share their algorithm implementations by making them discoverable through a private library and service. Developers inside organizations can now easily find, test, and implement algorithms through an easy-to-use, infrastructureless API that scales to meet the needs of their applications.

“Algorithmia offers a novel approach to allow algorithm developers to deploy and share code easily within the organization. The enterprise platform promises to enable a new level of collaboration through algorithm discovery and code reuse, which will bring greater efficiencies throughout our customers’ enterprise,” offered Katie Gray, Principal, Investments at IQT.

“In a world where interpreting data becomes more important every day, algorithms are the key vehicle for building understanding of the world around us. IQT’s investment in our company and purchase of our technology platform validates our approach to making algorithmic IP easier to use and distribute inside large organizations,” explained Diego Oppenheimer, Algorithmia’s Chief Executive Officer. “Algorithmia’s platform allows organizations to make their machine learning, deep learning, and other advanced predictive models accessible to every corner of an organization in a secure, easy to manage, and scalable way.”

The Algorithmia service is available at Any developer or company can sign up and get started for free. The Codex platform is an enterprise-grade platform, designed to be deployed into data centers and private clouds.

About Algorithmia

Algorithmia is a marketplace for algorithms. Developers can turn algorithms into scalable web services with a single click. Companies and application developers can integrate algorithms into their own applications with under 10 lines of code by accessing the Algorithmia universal API.  Algorithmia is based in Seattle.