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Digital Immunity Announces Strategic Partnership with IQT

June 07, 2016

Partnership will further enhance breakthroughs for in-memory protection of applications and operating systems with its patented Digital DNA Mapping

June 7, 2016

Digital Immunity (DI), the company revolutionizing advanced endpoint cybersecurity, today announced a strategic partnership with In-Q-Tel (IQT), the investment organization that identifies innovative technology solutions to support the mission of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Using its patented Digital DNA Mapping™ techniques, DI’s endpoint solution goes well beyond existing solutions by continuously validating the integrity of executing applications and associated operating systems, in-memory, during run-time. Any deviation from expected results will be prevented, and rich forensics data will be captured for further analysis. DI does not rely on signatures or behavioral based techniques. DI’s innovative approach to prevention has been shown to produce no false positives or negatives. The agreement with IQT supports further development of DI’s positive verification that the currently running operating system/applications are executing exactly as expected and further enhance its forensics capabilities.

“We are very pleased to enter into this strategic partnership with IQT as it validates our approach and the significant contribution DI can make to help secure our nation from cyberattacks. These attacks, from ransomware to data exfiltration, are inflicted on organizations in both the private and public sectors because it is an extremely lucrative business or an attack upon an important national interest and attackers are getting better at it every day. It is time for us to finally flip the security model on its head, and instead of looking for what could be bad, continuously validating that what is being executed in memory, is good. Digital Immunity’s Digital DNA Mapping™ is based on patented techniques from three related disciplines; bioinformatics, steganography and formal language theory, to accomplish a breakthrough in ensuring runtime cyber-security. This technique prevents virtually all foreign or malicious code from executing and exploiting any vulnerability, including the Advanced Persistent (and Volatile) Threats (APT/AVTs) and any zero-day attacks” stated John Murgo, President and CEO of Digital Immunity.

DI and its advanced endpoint threat prevention solution, uses a revolutionary technological approach to cybersecurity that employs very granular Digital DNA Mapping of all operating system related applications and library executables creating an alternate secure digital representation of the executing code. In doing so, DI will protect the computational integrity of all executing code in memory, at runtime. Any attempt to alter any executable code or introduce any foreign or malicious code will be detected and prevented, and content rich forensic data will be presented, in context. This positive Digital DNA detection methodology eliminates alert fatigue, which is created by other negative and formulaic based detection techniques.

“IQT is excited to be involved with Digital Immunity and its novel and scalable endpoint protection solution. We continue to invest a tremendous amount of resources into helping our partners better protect the endpoint and we see DI as a critical component to a complete and proactive defense. Turning the processing load back to the hackers is a key facet for any resilient protection and DI not only makes it harder for the attacker, but does so without adding significant overhead to the endpoint as well as being transparent to the end user,” said Peter Kuper, Partner, IQT Investments.

About Digital Immunity

Digital Immunity is the only company to offer a preventive cybersecurity solution that stops advanced threats including APTs and zero-day attacks from occurring at the most vulnerable point: the endpoint. Moreover, rich forensic artifacts will be captured and presented. Applying patented Digital DNA Mapping and in memory protection of all executable code, the Digital Immunity endpoint security solution creates an alternate digital representation of all trusted executable code and compares that to actual code executing in memory at run time, prior to its execution on the endpoint to find and prevent threats others cannot, while using a fraction of the system resources associated with endpoint antivirus and detect and respond solutions that are deployed in enterprises today. For more information visit: