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Forge.AI Announces Strategic Investment Agreement with In-Q-Tel and Adds Lieutenant General John Mulholland, (Ret.) as an Advisor

June 05, 2019

New Investment and Addition to Forge.AI’s Board of Advisors to Help Intelligence and Defense Communities Monitor and Predict the Impact of World Events in Real-Time with Artificial Intelligence

June 5, 2019

Forge.AI, an artificial intelligence company that transforms the world’s unstructured information into structured machine ready data, today announced a strategic investment agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT), the not-for-profit strategic investor that identifies and accelerates the development and delivery of cutting-edge technologies to support the mission of the U.S. government agencies that keep our nation safe. Forge.AI also announced the appointment of Lieutenant General John Mulholland, Ret. to its board of advisors.

Companies like The Vanguard Group, are already working with Forge.AI to capture and transform the global flow of information created by humans, for human consumption, into clean, intelligent data structures. Now, with the new investment from IQT, and the addition of LTG John Mulholland to its board of advisors, Forge.AI is strengthening its expertise in the national intelligence space. The enriched data provided by Forge.AI’s proprietary artificial intelligence technology will help parts of the intelligence and defense communities to better perceive and understand real-time changes in the world and predict the impact of those changes on key areas of interest.

Specifically, data scientists and analysts can immediately incorporate the intelligent data structures into their machine learning and analytical processes. Incorporation of this new type of data significantly enhances and expands the scale and type of analytics or predictive modeling that intelligence analysts and data scientists can implement. Furthermore, Forge.AI’s intelligent data feeds save significant time and effort prepping and cleaning data, allowing data science teams to use the information immediately and focus on the modeling tasks at hand.

“It’s critical that our government partners are not only made aware of changes and events in the world that are relevant to their areas of interest in real-time, but more importantly, that such information can be directly incorporated into their machine driven analytical processes,” said Eugene Chiu, Partner, Investments at IQT. “Forge.AI is uniquely positioned to make this happen.  They are in effect capturing and translating the unstructured global information into specialized data that fuels analytical and decision-making processes, resulting in meaningful knowledge and a predictive edge.”

“We are excited to partner with IQT and the communities they represent,” said Jim Crowley, CEO and co-founder of Forge.AI. “The fact that Forge.AI’s capabilities are fundamentally amplifying and accelerating the analytical, predictive, and decision-making capabilities of these critical communities makes us deeply proud and we are eager to continue on this journey with IQT as a partner. We believe Forge.AI can meaningfully enhance situational awareness, course of action hypothesis testing, supply chain modeling, Counter-WMD modeling, and force protection planning, to name a few.”

Forge.AI also has appointed LTG John Mulholland, Ret. to its board of advisors. Prior to his retirement in 2015, LTG Mulholland spent his career commanding joint special operations forces from the captain through lieutenant general-level, which included leading special operations task forces in both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. LTG Mulholland also spent his final tour on active duty as an Associate Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. LTG Mulholland brings a deep understanding of the information and analytical challenges and opportunities that exist in the government and intelligence sectors to the board of advisors at Forge.AI.

“Every moment of everyday, the U.S. government and military tackles immense information challenges.  Because our interests are global, our analytical perspectives must be global as well,” said Lieutenant General John Mulholland. “Having lived this in this world for the entirety of my career, it is clear to me that AI powered capabilities, like those that Forge.AI can deliver, will help ensure that the United States’ increasingly AI driven information and analytical infrastructure is unparalleled across the globe.”

“Forge.AI is deeply privileged to have LTG Mulholland on our advisory board. His background and experience are singularly unique,” said Jim Crowley, CEO and co-founder of Forge.AI. “He has dedicated his career to our country and accomplished incredible things on behalf of all of us. His experience, perspective, and intellect are without peer and we are truly honored that he has agreed to serve on our advisory board.”

About Forge.AI:

Based in Cambridge, MA, Forge.AI is an artificial intelligence company on a mission to help organizations understand and act on the world’s unstructured data. Using proprietary AI technologies, Forge.AI transforms the world’s unstructured information into machine-readable data that supports critical analytical tasks and strategic decision making. Forge.AI leverages publicly available text-heavy content – such as news reports, social media, financial reports, SEC filings – and produces intelligent structured event feeds specifically designed for immediate use by data scientists, engineers, and intelligent machines. For more information on Forge.AI, visit http://www.forge.AI or follow @Forge_AI on Twitter.