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New Ranking Underlines IQT’s Role as Most Active Investor in Top Defense and National Security Startups

July 05, 2023

Today, Silicon Valley Defense Group (SVDG), a nonprofit focused on national security-related innovation, announced its inaugural ranking of the top 100 venture-backed defense and dual-use technology startups. It also identified IQT as the most active investor in the field, with a presence in the capital of 34 of the companies in its ranking—a total larger than that of the next two most active investors combined.

Source: Silicon Valley Defense Group

As the premier, most trusted partner when it comes to identifying, understanding, and leveraging emerging technologies for the national security community, IQT has devoted the almost 25 years since its creation to supporting many hundreds of innovative young businesses.

During that time, it has constantly refined its highly distinctive in-house capabilities activity, which helps startups adapt their commercial tech to solve mission-critical problems for government partners. As SVDG’s report notes, IQT is “a natural fit for defense investing” given its singular focus on ensuring America maintains its strategic technological advantage at a time when the clock speed of innovation is accelerating faster than ever.

“It’s encouraging to see more attention now being paid to VC-backed companies developing dual-use technologies, an area we at IQT have been focused on for more than two decades. During that time, we have developed unparalleled expertise in helping startups deliver vital capabilities to government partners,”

Steve Bowsher, President of IQT

IQT has made almost 700 investments that have delivered impactful, mission-critical technologies to its government partners. IQT’s partners include intelligence and defense agencies – CIA, CBP, DHS, FBI, NGA, NRO, NSA, U.S. Cyber Command and the trilateral partnership with U.S., UK, and Australia.