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Oct. 27, 2004

Groundbreaking Technology Enables Highly Accurate Multiparty Information Sharing While Protecting Privacy

SRD, the leader in identity recognition software, today announced ANNA™, Anonymous Entity Resolution™ software, the first commercial software product that enables organizations to share and compare identity information internally or externally without revealing sensitive, personally identifiable information. The beta version of ANNA is available now and general availability will be in the first quarter of 2005. ANNA’s patent-pending technology has immediate applications for organizations in markets such as government, financial services, healthcare, and law enforcement that could greatly benefit from collaborative data sharing, but were reluctant to do so before because of risk of information loss, and privacy and civil liberty concerns or regulations.

“Data anonymization is the right technology at the right time,” said John Slitz, SRD’s CEO. “When there are pressures to share data, ANNA’s real-time capabilities enable organizations to use anonymized, privacy-enhanced data within multiparty environments.”

ANNA’s breakthrough lies in its ability to correlate anonymized identity data despite inconsistencies and poor data quality. ANNA’s unique capacity to deliver fuzzy matching and proximity-based results achieves the highest possible levels of information accuracy, overcoming the primary challenge of previous attempts at multiparty data exchanges using anonymization. By applying SRD’s sophisticated data quality management and patent-pending Anonymous Entity Resolution techniques, ANNA can determine, for example, that two people are the same despite spelling variations in their names and addresses and a transposition error in one of their passport numbers. The software can also detect nonobvious relationships between individuals in the anonymized data space.

ANNA enhances the privacy and civil liberties of individuals during multiparty data exchanges, because the anonymized data cannot be reversed to reflect its original form and therefore the information cannot be used for data mining, repurposed, or misused by insiders. ANNA also improves privacy because the original holders of the information continue to own and hold their source data and can operate as gatekeepers for information requests. ANNA deployments will vary based on the sensitivity of the data being shared, the laws and procedures native to the environment in which the collaboration is taking place, as well as the nature of the mission or application.

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About SRD
SRD’s identity recognition software allows companies and government organizations to gain a greater than 360-degree view of individuals to better identify business opportunities and potential threats. SRD’s solutions are based on its proprietary identity recognition technology, which is the result of 20 years of research and development.

Identity recognition extends insight beyond existing identity integration technologies by incorporating nonobvious relationships and allowing organizations to share data anonymously while protecting privacy. SRD has received investment funding from Reed Elsevier Ventures, SAIC Venture Capital Corporations and In-Q-Tel. For more information about SRD, visit