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VSee Labs Secures Strategic Partnership and Technology Development Agreement with In-Q-Tel

Oct. 19, 2009

October 19, 2009

VSee Lab Inc. today announced a strategic investment and technology advancement agreement with In-Q-Tel, the independent strategic investment arm that identifies innovative technologies to support the missions of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the broader Intelligence Community.

VSee Lab develops highly efficient video collaboration software that requires a fraction of the bandwidth of competitive products from Skype, Polycom, Tandberg, Adobe, Cisco, and IBM. In addition to encrypting all communication with FIPS 140-2 256 bit AES, VSee uses a novel security architecture to enable flexible trust-based remote operations.  VSee also supports rich collaboration by enabling sharing of applications, desktops, chat, movies, files, remote camera control, microscopes, and USB devices.

“VSee’s unique approach in the unified communication market with adaptive bandwidth management enables peer-to-peer collaboration over low-bandwidth networks”, said Dean Irwin, Vice President of Technology Initiatives of In-Q-Tel.

When game-changing ideas are buried in email chains or delayed by meeting scheduling, great teams lose their competitive edge.  A team of Stanford University human computer interaction scientists created VSee to make great teams even more productive – by removing communication friction.  Today, more than 1000 innovative organizations such as Shell Oil, Saudi ARAMCO, Cisco Learning, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Singapore Technologies, Texas First Bank, NASA, TSA/DHS, the US Congress, United Nations, and Navy SEALS depend on VSee every day.

“Our selection as an In-Q-Tel portfolio company is a tremendous opportunity and a great honor”, said Dr. Milton Chen, CEO of VSee Lab and co-author of the XMPP video standard.  Dr. Chen’s Stanford PhD was funded by a full fellowship from the US Air Force, given to the top 100 US Citizens graduates every year based on merit alone.  “Given the extreme low bandwidth advantage of VSee over existing collaboration systems, our team takes great joy in bringing visual communication where other systems break down.  The opportunity to serve In-Q-Tel customers will fuel our engineering team to make visual remote work common even from the harshest locations”.

About VSee Lab
VSee Lab is a visual collaboration software company originating from human-computer interaction research at Stanford University.  Based on a breakthrough in compression and networking, VSee enables large scale deployment with no infrastructure.  At President Obama’s Inauguration, VSee was selected by the Washington DC police for secure inter-agency collaboration.  Angelina Jolie used VSee at the UN World Refugee Day to visit a Darfur refugee camp in Chad.  Intel CEO Paul Otellini used VSee in his Intel Developer Forum keynote to interact with an Indian IT Minister in a very remote village.  VSee is funded by the National Science Foundation and In-Q-Tel.  The VSee Lab team includes Prof. Terry Winograd, PhD advisor to Larry Page, who founded Google, Prof. Patrick Hanrahan, two-time Academy Award winner, Dr. James Gibbons, a former member of the Cisco and Lockheed Martin board of directors, and Bill Perry, former Secretary of Defense under President Clinton.  To learn more about VSee and obtain a free trial, please visit