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IQT Quarterly Recap – Fall 2023

Dec. 18, 2023

The change in seasons ushered in many exciting developments. Steve Bowsher was appointed CEO after 17 years with IQT, and we announced the opening of our Singapore office; we added exciting new companies to our portfolio to address issues like producing cleaner batteries and transforming cyber operations; and we published content exploring major tech trends from AI to biotechnology. See below for a snapshot of everything we’ve been up to recently.

Portfolio Company Highlights

  • Airfinity: Tracks, predicts and simulates population level disease outcomes in real time to inform decisions that can increase the global life span
  • Nucleus: Risk-based vulnerability management platform purpose-built for the world’s most complex enterprises
  • Second Front: Transforming cyber and intelligence operations
  • Behavioral Signals: AI analytics platform that offers emotion recognition and behavioral states prediction
  • 6K: Using microwave plasma to manufacture advanced materials
  • Mitra Chem: Iron-based cathode materials to enable electrification in transportation and energy storage

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Discussions relating to the intersection of technology and national security. 
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  • The Intersection: Exploring the Nexus of AI and Quantum
    • IQT’s Steve Bowsher hosts SandboxAQ CEO, Jack Hidary, to explore interdisciplinary collaboration, GPU-driven drug breakthroughs, and Sandbox AQ’s unique navigation capabilities.
  • IQT Explains: Fintech
    • Rita Waite and Ming Luo join Vishal Sandesara to discuss fintech from their unique perspectives as an investor and technologist, respectively. Listen to learn more about the evolution of currency exchange, global trends in fintech, and regional differences in payment etiquette.
  • IQT Explains: The Future of the U.S. Global Positioning System (GPS)
    • Hosted by Dr. Sarah Sewall, Dr. Scott Pace and Steve Poizner discuss the invisible but invaluable role GPS plays in our everyday lives as well as in the realm of national security. While the U.S. pioneered this technology starting in the 1970s, we are now at risk of falling behind other countries who are modernizing their satellite navigation systems more rapidly.
  • IQT Explains: How Resilient is America’s Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Data?
    • Experts Dana Goward and Abi Sivananthan join us to discuss the resilience of positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) data and what the U.S. can do to enhance its security.
  • The Intersection: Executing Innovation on a Mission
    • Our usual host and newly appointed CEO, Steve Bowsher, takes the passenger seat on this episode, allowing IQT’s editorial director, Martin Giles, to take the wheel. Learn more about the history of IQT and its evolution over the last 24 years, from deciphering technology trends to fostering trusted relationships. Listen in to learn about the enduring success of IQT, the organization’s adept navigation of the intricate landscape of public-private partnerships, and how IQT shapes and deploys emerging technologies for government agencies.

IQT National Innovation Policy

  • The biorevolution is here, and the U.S. better be prepared to meet it
    • Dr. Sarah Sewall and Dr. Tara O’Toole’s article in the Washington Examiner delves into the transformative power of biotechnologies in revolutionizing various industries beyond healthcare. Highlighting the potential of engineered biology, the authors discuss its role in addressing global challenges such as sustainability, food security, and energy sources. Emphasizing the need for the United States to take the lead in the biorevolution, the piece examines China’s substantial investments in biotech and urges the U.S. to prioritize funding, infrastructure, and regulatory frameworks to ensure its competitive edge in this crucial technological frontier.
  • Amid Many Crises, Don’t Neglect the War for Technology
    • Technology innovation is a key component of global competition, and the U.S. needs a national vision for sustaining technology leadership. The catalytic role that the United States government once played in this field has been replaced by faith in the private sector to lead future innovation. Dr. Sarah Sewall and Steve Bowsher explain why this approach is detrimental to the development of potentially transformative technologies and what must be done instead if the U.S. hopes to maintain global technology dominance.
  • Convergence: Ongoing
    • In this article published in IEEE, Dan Geer explores how biology and artificial intelligence are on the hunt to solve steering problems that, if viewed in a particular light, are restatements of each other.
  • Taking Stock of the U.S. Bioeconomy: What’s Working, What’s Not, and What’s Next
    • In November, Dr. Tara O’Toole appeared on a panel at the CNAS event “Taking Stock of the U.S. Bioeconomy,” reflecting on the national security implications of securing a robust U.S. bioeconomy, the remaining challenges to fully capture its potential, and the steps policymakers should take to strengthen American leadership across the biotech landscape.
  • Workshop on Cloud, Data Centers, and Great Power Competition
    • Data centers—and the cloud services they enable—power the modern economy. They are also an important arena in the great power competition to provide the world’s digital infrastructure. IQT recently brought together industry representatives, foreign policy experts, and government officials for a discussion on market trends, China’s Digital Silk Road, and U.S. policy actions related to cloud computing and data centers.

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